Lightning doesn’t have to strike directly to wreak havoc. Indirect strikes, up to a kilometre away, can induce devastating transient overvoltages on mains, data and telecoms lines. These high voltage, short duration increases in voltage can destroy vital electronic equipment.

Effective protection, using Kingsmill Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), can prevent transient overvoltages from reaching equipment. No downtime, no costly repairs/replacements.

Kingsmill SPDs are available for protection of mains power, charging stations, photovoltaic systems, LED lighting and telephone and data lines.

Mains Power

Lightning Current and Surge Arresters – Type 1+2, Type 2 and Type 3

Charging Stations

Protection of electric vehicle charging stations

Photovoltaic Systems

SPDs for protection of photovoltaic systems

LED Lighting

Protection of street lighting and LED lighting

Telephone and Data

Low voltage, data and telephone line SPDs