A Lightning Protection system consists of Air Terminals, Conductors and Bonds – together with Fixings to hold the Conductors and Bonds – to connect extraneous and floating metalwork.



The Air Termination Network (ATN) is a vital part of any structural Lightning Protection System.

The ATN is the part that arrests the lightning strike. An ATN can be designed through multiple methods: the “mesh”, the “protective angle method” and/or the “rolling sphere” or a combination. The adoption of which method(s) to use is very much determined by the nature of the structure to be protected.

An ATN may consist of:

  • Conductors laid in a mesh over the structure
  • Vertical Air Terminals (or Lightning Masts)
  • A combination of the two (particularly useful when protecting roof mounted plant)

Kingsmill offer a complete range of Air Termination Network materials:

  • Conventional Small Air Terminals
  • Lightweight Lightning Masts
  • Free-Standing Air Terminals
  • Insulated Lightning Conductor Cable used in conjunction with associated Air Terminals and supports
  • Catenary Wire Systems
  • Isolated Systems using Insulated Spacer Bars and Masts


Kingsmill provide a range of products for effective bonding of electrically conductive components to the Lightning Protection System.


We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of conductors. These enable the Lightning Protection Designer greater freedom to conceal conductors and aesthetically blend conductors into the building facade, as well as offering lower cost alternatives – Strikeband and aluminium etc.

kingsmill strikeband bimetallic conductor


It is important to securely fix Conductors to the structure to be protected. Our range includes fixings for both roof and wall and are designed to suit most applications, as well as materials.

Metallic DC Clips