Kingsmill are proud to introduce STRIKEBAND – a bimetallic lightning conductor for above ground applications

STRIKEBAND combines the corrosion resistance and inherent low resistivity of copper, with the lightness and flexibility of aluminium, providing a low cost, easy to use alternative to solid copper.

STRIKEBAND Bimetallic Lightning Conductor

strikeband bimetallic conductor

Seamless, high conductivity copper is bonded (through the high pressure) to a solid core of electrical grade aluminium. The copper thickness used is 15% by volume of the cross-sectional area. The resultant material is easier to bend, having less spring-back than copper, this is a distinct advantage to the Lightning Protection installer, when “dressing” the conductor to the contours of the building. Combined with the longer coil lengths and light weight makes this product an ideal choice where the advantages of copper above ground are required, but with cost reductions.

STRIKEBAND is offered in two sizes and has passed testing to IEC/BS EN 62561-2.


  • Reduce costs by up to 40%
    STRIKEBAND can save as much as 40% compared with a copper conductor of equal dimensions
  • Reduce weight by up to 60%
    The relative density of STRIKEBAND vs copper results in the mass of STRIKEBAND conductors being only 41% of that of a solid copper bar of equal dimensions
  • Reduce the cost of your project
    1 metre of STRIKEBAND costs less than 1 metre of copper, therefore the same stock provides lower inventory values, meaning lower financing costs
  • Longer coil lengths
    When compared to equivalent solid copper section
  • Uses standard lightning protection components
strikeband bimetallic conductor


strikeband bimetallic conductor

STRIKEBAND is easy to bend, having less spring-back than copper. The relevant datasheet should be consulted for recommended bending radii.

STRIKEBAND is also easy to drill, cut and punch.


Copper thickness is 15% by volume, giving a radial thickness of 0.31mm on the 8mm dia conductor and 0.25mm on the 25mm x 3mm.

Materials are 99.9% purity copper and 99.7% purity aluminium.


strikeband dimensioned drawing
Part no.DescriptionWeight (per m)Coil length
CCAT253025mm x 3mm copper/aluminium bimetallic conductor0.27kg74m (20kg)
CCA088mm copper/aluminium bimetallic conductor0.18kg110m (20kg)


Contact us for a full details and samples of STRIKEBAND Bimetallic Lightning Conductor.