Kingsmill bring innovation to Lightning Protection through the introduction of a lightweight, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing Lightning Mast.

Suited to projects using the “protective angle” or “rolling sphere” method for determining zones of protection.

The conical design brings greater strength, wind loading capability and minimal wind deflection.

Kingsmill lightweight lightning mast layers



lightweight lightning mast

The Lightweight Lightning Mast is our premier product, offering height combinations from 5m to 20m. Its conical shape adds considerable strength and thus resistance to deflection/whipping in the wind.

It is easy to fix. In fact, the building itself can become the foundation for the mast, alleviating the need for heavy and unsightly concrete blocks and tripods.

The hinged base design allows easy inspection and maintenance.

The mast can be supplied in different colours and graphics to blend in with building architecture and landscaping designs.

When aesthetics are important – this is the product for you.

Due to its composite material the Lightweight Lightning Mast is non-corrosive. This allows for a longer life than conventional metal masts. It is also an insulator, reducing touch potential problems.

The mast can also be combined with aerial wires to form part of a catenary wire system.


Single mast:
No unsightly guy wires or supports.

Three standard colours, but we can offer other colours subject to RAL code.

It is possible to add pattern to the mast eg camouflage.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduced installation time
  • Hinged base option to facilitate easy testing and inspection
  • Three mounting options available – direct burial, hinged and free standing base


  • Composite high strength material
  • Corrosion resistant
  • UV protected
  • Vandal resistant – mechanical damage and graffiti
  • The composite mast itself, does not cause interference for radio, microwaves, etc . . .


Wind loading and location of the masts are key elements in determining the type and size of foundation/base that can be used. It is important therefore, that Kingsmill carry out calculations to verify correct foundation selection.


Our lightning mast can be customised to customer requirements.

The Kingsmill Lightning Mast allows the user flexibility not only to choose either aluminium or copper air terminals and conductor, BUT also, select one or two down-conductors as well as vary cross-sectional area.

Not only are there three standard colours to choose from:

  • White
  • Pebble Grey (RAL 7032)
  • Kingsmill Grey (RAL 7042)

. . . but we can offer other colours as well as customer specific pattern and graphic effects too.


  • Glass-polyester composite construction – an insulating material
  • The mast does not absorb energy in the event of a vehicular collision


It is important that the Interception Mast/Air Terminal has minimum wind deflection and that the mast can withstand both constant and gusting winds. Details about Wind Loading and a UK Wind Speed Map, CLICK HERE.

Wind Zone Map


The standard mast is designed for a basic wind speed of v = 22m/s. Stronger masts are available on request.

Kingsmill Lightweight Lightning Masts are supplied with 16mm x 500mm copper Air Terminals and one or two 25mm x 3mm copper or aluminium Down Conductors (can supply 8mm conductor on request).


Dependent upon wind-loading and location, the Kingsmill Lightning Mast is offered with pre-cast concrete foundation blocks or a free-standing base or drawings in order for the user to cast their own concrete base. The type of base offered is dependent on wind-loading and other operational conditions.

The recommended base option is hinged and used in conjunction with a concrete foundation or directly fixed/incorporated to the structure.


Lightweight Lightning Mast base options


Free-Standing Bases are not available for all mast height/wind loading conditions – please contact Kingsmill for advice.


When the foundation required is by direct burial in the ground, please refer to the part number where the foundation type is “Direct In Ground”.

Lightweight Lightning Mast direct burial