Soil Conditioning Agent


Soil Conditioning Agents help to reduce earth electrode resistivity where, space or poor soil conditions are a problem. They act by providing a layer of conductive medium around the metallic electrode, thus effectively increasing its surface area and therefore contact with the soil. The larger contact area enabling improved dissipation of fault currents and a lowering of electrode resistivity.

MARCONITE, when mixed with cement, is not only a permanent solution that does not require maintenance, but is also a THEFT DETERRENT.

Bentonite is a naturally occurring, moisture retaining mineral. Works best in the presence of permanent moisture (high water table), but in dry soil cases it can retain moisture for a limited period of time

Marconite is the ideal solution for use in problematic situations. The product is inert, permanent, maintenance free and when installed with cement forms a theft deterrent.


Bentonite Moisture Retaining Clay

Bentonite: Moisture Retaining Clay

Bentonite is used as a backfill to reduce soil resistivity. When mixed with water, it swells to several times its dry volume. This moisture content can be retained for a considerable time and further moisture can be absorbed during rainfall etc. Bentonite can be supplied in either powder or granular form.

Approximately 18 x 25kg bags create a volume of 1m³ (depending on soil and excavation conditions).

Sodium carbonate activated calcium montmorillonite clay. The product is a naturally occurring substance with no known ecological hazards, and can be disposed of as nonhazardous waste.

Granular is the preferred option for filling trenches. The conductor is surrounded with Bentonite and then water poured over and mixed in the trench.

Powder is the preferred product for pouring into bore holes, ensuring the mixture is of a thin enough consistency to reach the bottom of the bore hole.

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Marconite Granulated Conductive Aggregate

Marconite® – Granulated Conductive Aggregate

Marconite® is a granulated conductive medium designed to replace the conventional aggregate in concrete and thereby provide a permanent medium with good electrical conductivity and high strength.

Marconite® concrete is touch dry within hours, but it will be several days before it is fully cured.

Marconite® is chemically inert with very low soluble sulphate content. It can be used with all conventional types of cement, as well as most proprietary resin-based cements, adhesives and gypsum plasters

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