Introduction to Standards


Kingsmill design, manufacture and supply Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems in accordance with current European and British Standards.

BS:EN 62305

BS:EN 62305 addresses sources and types of damage that can be expected from effects of lightning, as well as determining the risk of damage to a structure. The standard also contains prescriptive guidelines on how to install both structural lightning protection as well as protection for electronic systems contained within those structures.

BS:EN 62561

BS:EN 62561 series – Lightning Protection components
This suite of standards outline the test parameters for the components of a lightning protection system:

BS 7671

BS 7671 – Requirements for electrical installations – the IET wiring regulations
Includes guidance on the application of surge protection devices and earthing materials.

BS 7430

BS 7430 – Protective earthing of electrical installations
For protective earthing of electrical installations.

BS 7354

BS 7354 – Code of practice for the design of high voltage open terminal systems
This standard sets out the requirements and materials for earthing in power applications.


IEEE 80 – Sub-station earthing
IEEE 80 sets the principles for designing a safe sub-station earth grid. It deals with the aspects of minimising “step” and “touch” potentials: material selection, equipotential bonding, insulation, coordination etc.

BS:EN 61643-11

BS:EN 61643-11 Low voltage power – Surge Protection Devices
Low voltage power SPD parameters and test requirements.

BS:EN 61643-21

BS:EN 61643-21 Telecommunication and signalling – Surge Protection Devices
Telecommunication and signalling SPD parameters and test requirements.

Technical specifications additionally associated with the BS:EN 61643 series of standards, notably DD CLC/TS 61643-12 SPDs for low voltage power and DD CLC/TS 61643-22 SPDs for telecommunication and signalling networks. These documents deal with SPD parameters, SPD selection and SPD coordination.